Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve 2009/The Dean Christmas

Ed arrived at the Anchorage airport at 3:15 in the morning of New Year's Eve. By the time we got home it was 5 am. We were all so tired but excited at the same time. After we all woke up and did some last minute shopping it was time to open the presents. We just had our Christmas Eve on New Year's Eve instead. When it hit midnight we were all still up except for Katie and I was able to give my hubby a New Year's Eve kiss for the first time since 2007 (he's usually working). I'm so thankful that he's home safe and sound. All of the kids were spoiled as usual. Katie got one of the Live dolls (of course she wanted the one named Katie).
Here's Logan opening up one of his presents. I think this one was a DS game.
We always get each other pajamas every year for Christmas. Here I am holding up the pair I got.
Ever since Austin saw this present under the tree he wanted to open it and see what it was. I told him it was underwear but it ended up being church socks. He really needed them by the way. Thanks grandma.
Ed opening up a present. For some reason he didn't get one of his presents. I have no idea what happened to it and I can't even remember if I wrapped it or not. I was so upset because he always gets golf balls for Christmas and the kids got him some really nice Callaway balls but he never got them. Sorry, Ed.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas morning 2009

Even though Ed was gone Santa still came late Christmas Eve. This is a picture of the kids on Christmas morning. I think Austin is still a bit sleepy. The boys got MP3 players and Katie got a Nintendo DS. She has been playing it almost nonstop since she got. I think Santa did a good job with that present. We missed Daddy so much. It was the first time he hadn't been with us on Christmas morning, but it was made easier knowing we would see him in a week.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

We usually open our presents on Christmas Eve but this year we were going to wait until Ed got home. Ed and I talked and we decided to let the kids open up the presents from their Alabama grandparents on Christmas Eve. Ed's parents usually send money and have Ed and I put presents under the tree for the kids. We are so grateful to them for doing that for us. Ever since Katie saw the commercial for Zhu Zhu pets (little hamsters that move and make noise) she wanted one. Needless to say they flew off the shelf and then you couldn't find them anymore. Sure, you could pay $50 or more online but they were selling for only $8 in the store. So on December 21st-23rd they had a limited release at Walmart and Target. Due to limited supply you could only buy two so I did. She was so excited and happy when she saw what she got. Logan got the Pictureka board game. We've had fun playing that game.
Austin got the original Life game. This is like the fourth version of original Life I've played.
All the kids got the Wii Fit Plus. Let me tell you that this game has provided hours of entertainment and even competition for our family. Let me tell you though that I was not too happy when the game recorded my BMI and told me I was overweight and then made my Mii character a little chubby with my stomach hanging out of my shirt. My kids thought it was hysterical though.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Colony Christmas 2009

Every year around this time the town of Palmer, Alaska holds Colony Christmas. They have so many activities, craft fairs, a parade, and even fireworks. The fireworks are a big deal because you can actually see them this time of year. On the fourth of July it never really gets dark up here so it's hard to see the fireworks. We decided to take a trip to Palmer (which isn't far away) and see what was going on. We started at the LDS church in Palmer where they had thousands of nativities on display. They were so awesome to look at but we couldn't take pictures. Then we went to the reindeer. Ed called me and asked me what I was doing and I told him I was petting a reindeer. He didn't believe me at first. I thought that was funny.
This reindeer's name is Vixen. We couldn't pet near the head because of the antlers.
Then we went to the train station and got something to eat. After that we went outside and they had some games set up for the kids.
Then it was off to the sleigh ride. Actually the sleigh was on wheels.
Katie on the sleigh. Sorry about the eyes closed, she doesn't like the flash.
Austin on the sleigh. He was upset because he didn't get much of the blanket.
Logan on the sleigh. It was so cold. I think the temperature was around 5 degrees.
After the sleigh ride we went and looked at some ice sculptures. They were really cool. They were all different colors and had lights on some of them.
Austin and Katie posing in front of the ice sculptures. Katie's arms really aren't that long. She has her hands in her pockets instead of her gloves because she had hand warmers in her pocket.
The last thing before the fireworks was the parade. It was the perfect length and all of the floats are lit up with Christmas lights so I just got a picture of this one to show.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Last night was the Christmas party at our church and Santa Claus make an appearance this year. I know Katie was so excited. Santa Claus had some serious conversations with all the kids so I know he really knows what they each want for Christmas.