Saturday, October 2, 2010

Colony Knights 3/4 playoff game

The Colony Knights 3/4 team was in first place going into the playoffs. After a slow start and three turnovers the Knights ended up beating the Wasilla Warriors 38-0! Logan was one of the captains for this game.
I took this picture so everyone can see what football is like here in Alaska. Notice the snow-covered mountains.
Logan is getting some advice from "Coach Dean"/Daddy during halftime. I think he was more interested in the oranges than anything else. Ed was the coach for the Colony Knights Green 7/8 team.
The Colony Knights after the game. Still Undefeated!!

The Stripe Comes Off!

Before the playoff games all the players had to weigh in again. Logan was hoping that he had lost enough weight to get the stripe off his helmet. The max weight was 103 and he ended up weighing 101.8. He was so excited to take the stripe of his helmet.
Pulling the stripe off of his helmet.
His teammates had to join in and help him take the stripe off.
Holding up his helmet without the stripe. His was so happy and all of his teammates were cheering for him.

Colony Knights 5/6 playoff game

The Colony Knights Green 5/6 were in first place coming into the first round of the playoffs. They played the fourth seed team, the Chugiak Mustangs. The Knights played a great game and won 28-0!