Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Birthday Continues

Katie got some money for her birthday from her grandparents and I told her I would take her to the store on Thursday so she could pick some stuff out but she ended up getting sick so I took her to the store today. I should have waited until Monday so I could take her without the boys. They were trying to influence her into buying things they would like too.
I think she has finally made a decision.
Yes!! We got a Tinkerbell toy and Paperoni. Thank you so much grandma's and grandpa's. She was so excited with her final purchases.
Austin and Katie trying out the Paperoni. It looks really fun and mommy will probably join in too.


This posting is more for Ed's benefit than anything else. He saw some previous pictures and got a little confused because I have rearranged the furniture since he's been gone. The first picture was taken from the dining room and the second picture was taken from the top of the stairs.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Open House-Or Not

Tonight was supposed to be open house at the kids' school. I was so excited to meet their teachers and see all the projects the kids have done so far. I was going to post pictures of the kids with their teachers on the blog, but we were not able to go. Katie woke up this morning with a fever and not feeling well. I felt so bad for her. So this is where Katie spent her day.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall or Winter?

As I was driving around yesterday I noticed how much it had snowed the day before. When the week started there was only a little dusting of snow at the very top of this mountain. It is called Pioneer Peak and this is the view of it from our church parking lot. I thought it was so pretty because you have the snow on the mountain and then the changing leaves on the trees. This picture was taken with my cell phone so that explains the quality.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Katie turns 6!

Let me tell you about the craziness that was Katie's birthday. On her actual birthday her brothers had two parties to go to and it was also the same day as Katie's friend Kaylanie's birthday. So we didn't actually celebrate Katie's birthday on the actual day. This was the Thursday before her birthday. We don't have big birthday parties until they turn 8 so we didn't need a huge cake for the four of us. I found this cute little Spongebob cake at Walmart and it was perfect. She did take Tinkerbell cupcakes to her class at school on Tuesday. There were 3 kids in her class that all shared her birthday. Here she is getting ready to blow out the candle.
Present time. She got a Tinkerbell makeup set from Daddy and some clothes and Easy Bake food from the rest of us. She also got cards and money from grandparents. Thanks everyone. Mommy and the birthday girl. The flash must really get to Katie because she looks like this in many of the pictures we have.