Wednesday, July 29, 2009


You may be wondering why there hasn't been any mention of Ed. Well when we took this vacation this summer he was off serving our country in the Middle East. He is currently on a six month deployment and we expect him back at the end of the year. He wanted me to take the kids to a Mariners game for him so Aaron, the kids, and I took a little trip up to Washington. Being the type of person I am I forgot my camera so these pictures were all taken with my cell phone. We went to Pikes Place Market because oddly enough I had never been there before. We did get to see them throw a fish but I didn't get that picture.
It was so hot when we were in Seattle. After we toured the market, which didn't smell very good, oh by the way, we got in the car and it said it was 114 degrees. CRAZY!! I'm so glad my grandparents had air conditioning in their house.
We also had the privilege of attending the hottest Mariners game on record. At gametime it was 103 degrees. It was so hot but it was so fun. We made a sign for rally fries but we didn't win. Oh well.
We beat the Blue Jays!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Enjoying Tillamook County

We decided to take a trip to Munson Creek Falls. This is the highest waterfall on the Oregon Coast. It falls 319 feet and is located only about 7 miles south of Tillamook. It was very beautiful.
Austin, Logan, and Katie standing in front of the waterfall. Because of previous storms that ruined the trail you can't get really close to the waterfall anymore.
After our trip to the waterfall we stopped at the golf course. They have a really cool 72 par putting course. The kids really enjoy going here. This is Katie getting ready to putt. She ended up quitting after only about 3 holes.
And Logan. Notice how he is holding the putter. He tried to putt left handed but standing like a right-hander. It was difficult for him to get his hands right but it didn't stop his nice performance.
Austin had a great time, and in fact I think he beat his mother. Way to go, Austin!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


When we were visiting family in Oregon this summer we found out that the Nascar West Series was going to be at the Portland International Raceway so we had to take a trip up there. Austin is a huge Nascar fan and Jeff Gordon is his favorite driver. So he is posing in front of one of Jeff Gordon's old cars.

Here we all are posing in front of one of the cars they actually raced that weekend.
They had a display there by the Oregon National Guard so Logan and Katie had to get their picture taken in front of the tank.