Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Fishing Derby

Yesterday we took all the kids to an ice fishing derby out on Knik Lake. We got out there at about 11:30 and some of our friends joined us about an hour later. We brought out the campstove and cooked hotdogs and hot chocolate. The kids didn't catch anything but I think we all had a good time. All of the kids got prizes at the end of the day. They got buckets to keep their catches in the next time they go fishing. Austin got a new sleeping bag, Logan got a t-shirt and popcorn with a free DVD rental, and Katelynn got a stuffed bunny with a marshmallow sucker. Here's a picture of the boys fishing. I want everyone to notice where the car is parked in association to where the boys are fishing. Isn't that crazy? We are parked on the lake!
This is Logan when we first got out there. It was pretty cold, but luckily the car isn't far away if you get too cold. This was Katie's first time ice fishing. She was so excited. She actually stuck it out the longest.
This is a picture of everyone fishing and parked on the lake. That whole open area is where the lake is located. People had shelters set up, bonfires going, and some actually brought homemade ice shelters out onto the lake.
Katie really wanted to catch a fish. She had one on her line earlier but it got away and she started crying. The boy that was fishing next to us caught a fish and was very nice to let Katie reel the fish in. She was so happy.
This is what happens after a long day of fishing. We weren't even off the lake yet and Katie had fallen asleep. Unfortunately, we had to wake her up again so she could get her prize. She told me she had a good dream though.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January Pack Meeting

This month's pack meeting was a special one for our family. Logan received his Wolf badge and this was Austin's last pack meeting as a cub scout. Actually he will be advancing at the March pack meeting because he turns 11 three days after the February pack meeting which will be the Blue and Gold Banquent. Next month he will be advancing to Boy Scouts. I can't believe that. Sorry for the blurry pictures. I forgot my camera and these were taken with my cell phone.
Here Logan is pinning his wolf pin on Ed. It was nice that Ed was there to get this from Logan.
Austin received some belt loops and achievement awards that are going to help him receive his Arrow of Light at the March pack meeting. They always want to have a parent go up there with the boys and of course Katie had to go with me.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Winter Family Fun Day

Today we went to Winter Family Fun Day at Reflections Lake in Wasilla, Alaska. They had all kinds of winter activities available to try, and whoever organized it provided all the equipment. Ed and Austin tried snowshoeing. All the kids tried ice skating. Logan and Katie tried cross country skiing. I never did get a chance to try anything but we went sledding when we were done at the lake and I had a great time. Logan loves to ice skate and if it wasn't so expensive he would love to play hockey. This is his first time on a frozen lake and it's a lot different then the ice at an indoor arena. He kept complaining that there were too many bumps, but he stayed out there for awhile.
Somebody had made this hole through the snow so Katie had to try to go through it.
Katie tried the cross country skiing. She did pretty good and went the whole mile around the lake. She had tried ice skating earlier but never made it onto the ice. I think the skiing was more her speed.
Austin tried snowshoeing earlier in the day and when he was done he wanted to try skating. By the time I got back going around the lake with Katie he had taken the skates off. This is him sliding around the ice.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Katie the Cheerleader

Yesterday Katie went to a cheerleading clinic at the high school. She had so much fun and absolutely loved it. They put on a little performance for the parents at the end of the day. Here is one of her routines. She's in the back with the purple shirt and pink shorts.