Sunday, September 19, 2010

Katie's Birthday

Katie turned seven today. I can't believe that our baby girl is already seven and in the first grade. The time has gone by so fast. Her birthday was on a Sunday this year so we had her little party after church.
Here she is posing with her cake. She helped decorate her cake and that is why all the sprinkles are in the middle of the cake.
She really wanted a pillow pet for her birthday this year, but they don't sell them anywhere up here in Alaska. They also don't ship here. We went throught so much trouble so she could get her pillow pet but seeing her smile when she opened it was well worth it. She got the unicorn which see has since named "Magical".

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Colony Knights 3/4

Logan is loving playing football. He is the center for his team and does a great job. He is #55. If you are wondering why he has a stripe on his helmet and none of his teammates do, it's because he is considered overweight for his age group. The kids with the stripes on their helmets cannot carry the ball because they "could hurt the smaller kids".
Here are a couple of pictures of "Mean Dean" in action.
Logan is the one snapping the ball to the quarterback.

Colony Knights 5/6

Austin getting ready for the opening kickoff. They played the Chugiak Mustangs and the Colony Knights won the game 28-0!!!
A close-up of #41, Austin Dean.
This is a video of Austin playing on offense. As you can tell he was very excited when his team scored the touchdown.